What is the Best Way to Hail a Cab?

When you are in a big city like Toronto, you simply cannot do without taxis. You need them to reach your destination on time and to travel in comfort and safety. The city’s streets are full of taxis and you can get their attention by the wave of your hand. But what is the best way to hail a cab in Toronto?

Hailing a cab is an art form, but not many people are adept at it. Many taxi drivers may ignore would-be passengers who are not properly signaling them! So here are some tips on how to best hail a cab.

1. Stand on the right side of the street: The first thing you should do is stand on the right side of the street. If you are headed in a certain direction, then stand on the side of the street that goes in that direction. By doing this, you will save money and time because the taxi will not have to turn around.

2. Find a vantage point: The next thing is to stand at a point where you can easily be seen and where the taxi can stop to pick you up. Designated taxi stands are the best places to hail a taxi and street corners are also often a great place. The aim here is to make it easy for the taxi driver to see you and stop for you.

3. Step into the street a bit: At any time, there may be hundreds of other pedestrians on the sidewalk. So step into the street to make yourself more visible. When you do this, the taxi driver cannot miss you. Remember to be careful! Don’t step out too far into traffic.

4. Stick your arm out firmly: Now is the time to attract the attention of an oncoming taxi. Half-hearted attempts are often ignored by taxi drivers because they themselves cannot be sure. So lift your arm up and signal the taxi to stop. Do it firmly and without any ambiguity so that the cab driver knows that you are calling out to them.

5. Make friendly eye contact: Look at the taxi driver and make friendly eye contact. This way they will know whether you really mean business or not. They will also know whether they should stop for you or not because they usually give you a nod if they are going to stop.

6. Give the address: After the taxi stops, give the driver the address you are going to and ask them politely if they will take you there.

Hailing a Toronto cab might seem difficult, especially in a crowded and busy city. If you follow the simple steps listed above youll be on your way to your destination before you know it. To hail a cab the easy way, call us now! 416-504-2667.

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