What are the Standard Rates to Hire a Taxi in Toronto?

One of the questions that many visitors to Toronto have before they arrive and after they get here, is How much does it cost to hire a taxi? Naturally, traveling by taxi is pretty common and with so much to see and do, it really should be included as a traveling expense in your budget. Like with most international cities, the rates can vary, but here is an outline of what you can expect to pay when you hire a taxi in Toronto.

**Setting Fares**

The city of Toronto has set standard fares to hire a taxi that are designed to protect both the customer and the drivers. The fare means that anyone using a taxi in Toronto is charged the same rate no matter where they are or what time of day it is. This means that customers wont be overcharged when they ride in a licensed Toronto cab, and they wont have to bargain or negotiate, either. The city has the delicate job of setting fares that are high enough to allow drivers to earn a living and low enough for customers to use cabs as a means of transport around Toronto.

**Current Structure**

There are three elements to the current fare structure in Toronto taxicabs. One is known as the ˜drop, one is the distance travelled, and one is the waiting time. The drop refers to the amount that is already on the meter before the taxi starts its trip. In Toronto, the drop is currently $3.25. The drop is part of a taxi fare so drivers can still remain profitable even when they are only taking customers a short distance.

**The Distance**

Currently, the Toronto taxi distance charges are $0.25 for every .143km the taxi drives. Typically, the dollar amount remains the same when this rate is modified, and it is the distance number that is changed when adjustments are made.


Once you hire a taxi in Toronto, there are charges for when the driver is waiting or the cab isnt moving. A customer is charged $0.25 for every 29 seconds the taxi is not moving. This may include waiting in traffic, at street lights or if the passenger wants the driver to stop somewhere for any reason. The waiting charges in Toronto are changed less frequently than the other two charges.

The next time you need to hire a taxi, choose a company whose drivers know their way around the city and will take you on the most efficient route possible. At Co-op Cabs, we have a half century of experience, so youll never have a bad ride!