The Top 5 Toronto Farmers Markets to Check out This Fall

Toronto is not just a modern city with concrete structures and streets filled with cars; it is also home to wonderful gardens and is surrounded by farmlands. In and around the city, there are several thriving farmers markets where you can find a large variety of fresh natural foods straight from the farm in any season. Whether you are a wholesale buyer or a customer looking for a bargain, you will find the markets delightful to visit and pick out dome fresh fruits, veggies, meats and baked goods of your own. Here is Co-op Cabs list of the top 5 Toronto farmers markets you should check out this Fall:

1. Brick Works Farmers’ Market: Located in Evergreen Brick Works, the Brick Works Farmers’ Market offers all kinds of fresh seasonal foods at great prices. To attract customers, visitors are entertained with music, special tasting sessions and kids’ activities every Saturday morning. From 8 am to 1 pm, the place turns into a food paradise where you can enjoy a variety of healthy local delicacies including organic hot dogs.

2. Dufferin Grove’s Farmers Market: Easily accessible from anywhere in Toronto, the Dufferin Grove’s Farmers’ Market is ideally located for the city’s 9 – 5 workers to collect fresh foods on their way back home. The market opens from 3 pm to 7 pm every Thursday throughout the year. In winter it shifts to inside the rink house. This is one of the best places in the city to buy organic produce from local farms and freshly caught fish from the Georgian Bay.

3. Sorauren Farmers’ Market: Held between 3 pm and 7 pm every Monday in Sorauren Park, the no-frills Sorauren Farmers’ Market has every staple you would want in a food market. The market is operated by West-End Food Coop and caters to both wholesale and retail customers. If you want a great deal on fresh foods, make a stop at this farmer market on Mondays.

4. St. Lawrence Market North: Held from 5 am to 3 pm in St. Lawrence Market North every Saturday, this farmers’ market is known for variety and friendly vendors who are always willing to engage you in a conversation about their merchandise. You can get great bargains once you start chatting with the vendors. Make sure to have plenty of time to browse the stalls.

5. The Stop’s Farmers’ Market: Known locally as “that awesome market at Wychwood Barns”, the Stop’s Farmer’s Market is famous for a large selection of produce, including locally grown organic vegetables and meat. It opens from 8 am to 12 pm every Saturday throughout the year and caters to all kinds of customers.

Some of the other Toronto farmers markets where you can buy fresh seasonal produces are Leslieville Farmers’ Market and The Junction Farmer’s Market. Relative latecomers in the scene, these markets are already attracting a lot of vendors and customers. No matter where you live in Toronto, the best way to visit the farmers’ markets is by taxi. Co-op Cabs has a large fleet of cabs manned by friendly and cheerful drivers who are always happy to help you load and unload your purchases.