Neighbourhood profile: Evergreen Brickworks

The Don Valley Brickworks (also known as ˜The Evergreen Brickworks) is a former quarry and industrial site located in the Don River Valley. The Brickworks operated for nearly one HUNDRED years creating bricks that would eventually make up some of Toronto most famous landmarks! Since its closing, the location has been transformed into a city park by Evergreen, a charity focused on restoring nature in urban environments. Thanks to Evergreen, the Brickworks also functions as an environmentally-focused community and cultural centre. Home to tons of foliage, the Brickworks is sure to have some incredible colours this fall and makes for an awesome (and educational) family outing!
Interested in learning more about ˜Evergreen? Check out their website to learn about the charity as well as their mission for Brickworks!

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What more? The Brickworks also has a great farmer market every Saturday that boasts some of Ontario best local produce! Every Saturday morning from May until November you can swing by the Pavilion to buy seasonal foods, engage local vendors and even take part in cooking classes! In line with Evergreen principles, the market is structured around the regional and seasonal to promote the benefits of eating and growing local food! Not only is it a great way spend a Saturday morning, it also a great way to help out the community and meet some interesting people. As it states on their website, The Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Market is more than a local food market. It is a celebration of the diverse communities working together to build a sustainable food system from the ground up.
For more information on vendors, check out their website!

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