How Is Co-op Cabs Involved in the Toronto Community?

Getting our passengers safely to their destination is always a top priority for all Co-op Cabs drivers. We offer convenient transportation services to Toronto residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But did you know that we also make it a priority to give back to the Toronto community we love to work in? At Co-op Cabs, we also take pride in participating in community evens to raise awareness, raise funds, and spread the love for our favourite city.

One of the most important causes we take part in is the fight against drunk driving. Co-op Cabs has always offered a safe alternative to drinking and driving by being there to give you and your friends a ride home after a night out on the town. We also offer transportation services and taxi vouchers for special events to ensure that you guests arrive home safely. Co-op Cabs has recently partnered with MADD Toronto for 2013-2014 to stop impaired driving incidents and to support the victims of these crimes. We will work hard to raise awareness of drunk driving in Toronto and keeping all drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safe when they are on the city streets.

Another cause that is close to our heart is the yearly Salvation Army/CTV Toy Mountain drive. We love collecting toys and cash donations around the holiday season for those in need. Bringing smiles to children faces is a great feeling, and we hope to continue our support for the community by making Toy Mountain a yearly event for the Co-op Cabs team! If you want to learn more about participating in the Toy Mountain campaign, click here to learn more.

Finally, we are dedicated to providing accessible transportation for Toronto residents of all abilities. Each month, our drives provide over 45 000 trips to passengers with special needs. Drivers undergo specialized training to offer accessible services, so you can rest assured knowing that your Co-op Cabs driver can handle your special requests. As the largest approved contractor for Wheel-Trans in the city of Toronto, we pride ourselves on making transportation by taxi a viable option for those who need to get around safely and efficiently.

At Co-op Cabs, we are always searching for new ways to improve our community and the lives of our neighbours. Have a suggestion on how we can improve our services? Give us a call and let us know.