How Do Toronto Taxi Rates Compare to the Rest of the World?

Compared to taxis in the rest of the world, Toronto taxi rates are seen as pretty steep by many riders. Toronto actually sits in around the 20th position when it comes to world taxi fares, according to Toronto Life. Our city actually finished ahead of other world-class cities like New York, Chicago, and Paris. Hailing a taxi in Toronto has been judged easier than in most cities, which is a bonus, but riders can still expect to shell out more than most other cities and towns out there that count taxis as a common form of transportation.

**Some Factors**
Some of the factors that may account for the elevated Toronto taxi rates include high gas prices, a high number of licensed taxicabs, and high car insurance rates compared to other places in the world. Municipal licensing fees are also quite high. These are just some of the reasons that Torontonians and visitors to the city are paying the 20th highest rates in the world.

It costs a lot for drivers and companies to operate a taxi in Toronto, and that cost has to filter down to passengers at some point. Taxi companies and drivers need to make a living, which is why Toronto taxi rates are on the higher side.

**The Top Five**
The top five taxi fares in the world in US dollars as reported by the Top 5 of Anything website, are as follows. The number 5 position is held by Oslo, Norway at $23.22 for every 5km traveled. In number 4 is Stockholm, Sweden at $24.64 per 5km. Number 3 is Los Angeles at $25.06 for every 5km. Number 2 is Geneva, Switzerland at $27.78 for every 5km and number 1 is Zurich, Switzerland at $28.93 for every 5km! As a comparison, Toronto taxi rates are roughly $13 per 5km.
The Other End of the Spectrum

Taxi rates around the world arent all high, and just as there are rates that are through the roof, there are also rates that are very low. Measured in miles, a 3-mile ride in Cairo, Egypt will only cost you about $1.49. That total is $1.76 in Mumbai, $1.95 in Delhi, $2.44 in Kuala Lumpur, $2.47 in Bangkok and $2.88 in Manila.

It plain to see that Toronto taxi rates are up there, but with so much to do and see and experience, the number of visitors to the city that travel in cabs isnt likely to dwindle too much. At Co-op Cabs, we have 50 years of experience getting people to their Toronto destinations, so the next time you need a cab in the city, give us a call.