Hitting the Toronto Nightlife? Prepare Your Ride

The events organized in Toronto are incredible. The various clubs, pubs, dining and entertainment are unique to our city. Toronto nightlife is inviting, fun, entertaining, and offers unforgettable experiences for all ages. Whether you choose to dine at a fine restaurant or stay out dancing late into the night at a nightclub, make sure you plan your evening accordingly if there will be alcohol involved.

If you are about to take a night out on the town and enjoy Toronto nightlife, then you must prepare for your ride home in advance in light of being responsible. No matter how enticing Toronto nightlife can be, you need to think ahead and understand the risks of impaired driving. Here are some ways you can prepare your ride after enjoying a night out:

**Designated Driver:**
You likely will attend your next party or event with a group of friends. In this case, you may have at your disposal a designated driver who will drive you home safely. Many bars encourage having a designated driver by offering free non-alcoholic drinks to those who abstain from alcohol on social occasions. Make sure your designated driver is a friend you can trust to stay sober and get you home safely.

**Public Transit:**
Toronto is indeed a wonderful city and its public transportation services are extensive. You can easily reach a bus or train station from where you may be. Some buses run 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so no excuses. You can always take the bus. Trains are also available until 1:30 in the morning, so plan to arrive in time to catch the last train back home.

**Call A Friend:**
Enjoying the Toronto nightlife is easy, but getting back home in one piece with no incidents is not as easy if you forget your responsibilities as a driver. If you cannot possibly rely on anyone in your group to stay sober and drive you home, it is best to make arrangements with a friend to come and pick you up at an established time. Calling in the middle of the night may not be an option though – try to arrange your ride ahead of time!

**Co-Op Cabs:**
Another way you can make arrangements for a safe trip back home after enjoying Toronto nightlife is to call Co-op Cabs. With Co-op Cabs you can trust that you will get back home safely in our clean, comfortable, and reliable cabs. All of our cab drivers accept cash, credit and debit cards as payment to make taking a cab convenient for everyone.

No matter which option you will choose, you need to make sure that you enjoy the best that Toronto nightlife has to offer without sacrificing your safety or the safety of others. If you plan your ride home before you hit the town, you can be sure your evening will end on a good note!