Helping Deflate the Elephant is an important initiative

LCBO’s Deflate the Elephant information campaign promotes responsible hosting and entertaining. During the 2012 holiday season Co-op Cabs and Cabcom partnered with the LCBO to help increase awareness of this important issue.

During December, Deflate the Elephant and Co-op Cabs executed an on a cab promotion to support the idea of planning ahead and getting home safely. Every Saturday from December 8 to December 29) from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., a small number of specially outfitted cabs roamed Toronto.

If people spotted the special cabs, marked by a large elephant sign on the roof, passengers received a free $10 cab ride.

Customers were delighted to receive this special offer and we heard online that Torontonians are passionate about keeping their friends safe and discouraging drinking and driving.

Stay tuned for more initiatives that will raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving in 2013.