For Events in Downtown Toronto, Call a Cab

Toronto is a unique city and a wonderful place to live and visit. There are a wealth of events in downtown Toronto that capture the imagination of residents and tourists alike. Though events in the city bring about a wonderful aura of excitement, they can also be associated with a high risk of car accidents as a result of drunk driving. It seems that many people choose to drive their cars although they have consumed too much alcohol. Fortunately there is a simple solution to keep you, your friends, and other drivers and pedestrians safe: for events in downtown Toronto, call a cab!

Drunk driving statistics are scary. Nearly 25% of car crash fatalities in Ontario are caused by alcohol. Most DUI accidents take place during the weekends and nights, which is why drunk driving can sometimes be associated with events in downtown Toronto. The incidence of drunk driving is increasingly higher among the ranks of the teenage population. With more than 2000 people having been killed in drunk driving accidents in the past decade, you should have no hesitation to call a cab when getting back home from events in downtown Toronto.

You may not be able to make the best decisions after ingesting a few beers, some wine, or any other alcoholic drink. Therefore, you need to be proactive and get ready to party in a responsible manner. As you pay attention to your outfit before a special event, you should also pay attention to how you will get back from any downtown Toronto event. You can have a friend or family member pick you up, or take public transit if possible. The simplest way to get home safely is to call a cab. It will not only protect you from getting involved in an accident, but it will also protect other passengers and other traffic participants.

Getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol is an irresponsible and selfish act. It is an act that puts you at risk of being injured, and puts others at risk as well. If something happens to you, your family will have to live with the pain and suffering. If your conduct results in injuring another human being, or worse, in the death of another person, you will have to face serious legal and financial consequences. You will also have to live with the burden of knowing you could have easily prevented such a tragedy.

All it takes is a phone call and a Co-op Cabs driver will pick you up from any event you may be attending, getting you home safe and sound. Download our handy app to make calling a cab simple while youre out and about in downtown Toronto.