five great moments after one week of sochi

Sochi officially started a week ago today and to celebrate we are sharing our five favourite moments starting with our very first gold medal win on February 8.

**1. Mark McMorris wins Canada’s first medal by bringing home the bronze**


Just two weeks before his big win McMorris broke his rib at the XGames. He worked hard and came back with true determination to bring home Canada’s first medal in the mens slopestyle.

**2. Canadian cross-country ski coach Justin Wadsworth helps Russian skier**


This moment makes you truly proud to be Canadian. Team Canada’s cross-country ski coach Justin Wadsworth noticed a Russian competitor coming around the bend with a broken ski,struggling to continue. When no one seemed to act, he ran out and gave him a new ski so he could finish the race in dignity.

**3. Alex Bilodeau wins gold for his brother, again**


Alex Bilodeau won Canadian’s hearts and minds in 2010 when he won gold in Vancouver and dedicated his inspiration to his brother with cerebral palsy. Well on February 10, 2014 he did it again and it was just as inspiring the second time.

**4. Montreal sisters win silver and gold**


The Dufour-Lapointe sisters (there are three of them who are Sochi Olympians) are grabbing headlines around the world. The two youngest siblings, Justine and Chloe, just 19 and 22 won silver and gold medals on February 9th in the women’s moguls event in Sochi.

**5. Canada beats U.S., in women’s hockey earning top seed in medal round**


We all know hockey is Canada’s sport. That’s why we just LOVE that the Canadian women’s team beat the United States on February 12, giving them the top seed in the medal round. We looking forward to an exciting game in the playoffs.

**What is your favourite olympic moment?**