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  • I, the undersigned, hereby apply to become an associate member of Associated Toronto Taxi-Cab Co-operative Limited (o/s: Co-op Cabs / Crown Taxi / Royal Taxi) and agree to the following terms and conditions:

    The vehicles to which this application applies shall conform to the following standards

    Official colours: All vehicles must be painted with the official colours of Co-op Cabs or Crown Taxi or Royal Taxi Co-op Cabs - Omni Red for the body including door posts and the four quarters including wheel rims, option for wheel rims only: painted black. "Omni Yellow": for the roof, hood and the entire trunk lid. The decals for the upper door panel and the rear doors are mandatory; car #s must be yellow.

    Crown Taxi - Viper racing yellow for the entire vehicle with checkered blue striping and blue car # lettering.

    Royal Taxi – Royal blue colour with contrasting Car # lettering.

    Roof Light: The roof light is at all times the property of A.T.T.C.L. The monies that are deposited for the roof light shall be returned less depreciation upon ending association with A.T.T.C.L. The amount charged will be determined from time to time, by management.

    Car Washes: Cars must be washed by 11:00 a.m., when car washes are called. Failure to do so will result in "no orders" until cleared by the office or your garage.

    While driving or operating a Co-op or Crown or Royal branded licensed taxicab:

    • No driver or member is to use any device or communication tool for accepting calls from the public for taxicab service that has not been approved by A.T.T.C.L.
    • No driver or member is to use any device or payment processing tool for a payment of taxicab fares (other than cash) which has not been approved by A.T.T.C.L.
    • No driver or member can accept calls for taxicab service for any other brokerage which has not been approved by A.T.T.C.L.



    Receipt of a copy of the operating manual and the rules and regulations book for A.T.T.C.L. is acknowledged and made part of this agreement.

    If you commit any misdemeanors on the road, or there are service complaints, you will be asked to appear before the Performance Review Committee for disciplinary action which could result in a warning, a fine, a suspension or dismissal. This applies to owners, lessees and drivers.

    All charge coupons must be filled out completely; otherwise they will not be accepted and will be charged back to the driver or owner. You can choose to either be paid by cheque, less 6% discount, or be given a receipt which is payable the first day of the month after the full month following, without discount fee.

    Whenever you have accumulated $500.00 worth of coupons you must turn them in.

    Charge coupons from the 1st to the 15th of the month must be turned in before the 17th of the month.

    Charges from the 16th to the end of the month must be in on the first working day of the following month.

    The office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday unless otherwise specified.

    CREDIT CARDS: We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The discount rate is 6%. Credit card transactions are paid directly to your account.

    POS TERMINAL: Your POS terminal must be settled before midnight on a daily basis. It is your responsibility to keep POS transactions slips for verification of any disputes.

    BROKERAGE FEES: An "associate member" (non-shareholder), pays $485.00 plus H.S.T. per month in brokerage fees.

    SHARES: Shares of A.T.T.C.L. will be issued only to licensed taxi owners. The current par value of the Membership Share is $10,000.00 and may be amended by the Members at a Membership General Meeting. The acceptance of this application by A.T.T.C.L designates the applicant as an associate member of A.T.T.C.L. An associate member is not eligible to purchase a membership share until he/she has operated as an associate member of A.T.T.C.L for a period of at least twelve months and has demonstrated active involvement with the Co-operative.

    After the twelve month period has expired, an associate member may request a membership share.

    An associate member may obtain membership information from the General Manager. The Board of Directors of A.T.T.C.L will determine in their absolute discretion whether or not a membership share is issued to an associate member.

    The Board of Directors may require a prospective member to answer questions, provide further information or appear personally before the Board. The Board may consider all relevant circumstances in determining whether or not a membership share should be issued. The circumstances include, but are not limited to, the prospective member's conduct as a taxi driver, his driving record with respect to accidents and traffic infractions and the extent of his purchases of various supplies from A.T.T.C.L.

    The Board of Directors may also, from time to time, in their discretion place a moratorium on the issuance of further shares of A.T.T.C.L.

    If the board refuses an associate member's request to become a shareholder of A.T.T.C.L., but does not otherwise expel the associate member, the associate member may, (1) continue as an associate member of A.T.T.C.L.; or (2) withdraw as an associate member upon one month's written notice as provided below. Subject to any moratorium on the issue of new shares, an associate member may again apply to become a shareholder, provided at least six months has passed since the date of submission of any previous application.


    I shall give at least one month's written notice of my intention to terminate my associate membership. If I fail to do so, I shall pay one month's brokerage fees to A.T.T.C.L. in lieu of notice. I fully understand that management reserves the right to expel me from A.T.T.C.L. without notice if I am found guilty of any infraction of A.T.T.C.L. rules.

    I acknowledge and agree that the Board of Directors of A.T.T.C.L. may from time to time, without notice amend the terms of this application by adjusting any dollar amount referred to in this application including the amount of brokerage dues payable. I also agree to be bound by and comply with all by-laws, rules and regulations of A.T.T.C.L. which are in force today and which may be created or amended from time to time.

    I shall repaint my vehicle(s) in other than Co-op Cabs, Crown Taxi or Royal Taxi colours within ten (10) days upon retiring a vehicle, or upon leaving A.T.T.C.L., and shall return my roof light(s). I agree to stay with A.T.T.C.L. for three years. If I leave prior to three years, A.T.T.C.L. may charge the cost of painting, installation of equipment and / or repayment of any dues concession(s) provided upon joining.

    Title and interest in and of the said units (equipment) is that of A.T.T.C.L., and that I have no beneficial interest therein.

    I agree that I shall not be responsible for any damage or defects caused by ordinary usage of the units in accordance with the operating instructions or such damage or defects which may be covered under any applicable manufacturer’s warranty.

    I agree that I shall be responsible for any damage to the aforementioned units, not caused by ordinary usage or defects covered by any applicable manufacturer’s warranty and shall reimburse A.T.T.C.L. for all costs involved. I agree that tampering with or misusing the GPS system shall result in suspension from the dispatch system.