We train to be the best: learn about our training programs

Co-op Cabs is dedicated to providing safe, reliable and professional transportation service to our customers. That’s why our drivers participate in routine training and education courses to create a more inclusive and integrated community for those with diverse abilities.

To meet its training mandate Co-op Cabs offers four different training courses.

Each course is designed to meet the various needs of adult learners and incorporate the adult learning styles of auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Courses are structured to include most adult learning principles (i.e. informal environment, hands-on” practice, personal experience, problem solving, feedback and a variety of teaching methods.


All training courses are conducted at Co-op Cabs head office located at 130 Rivalda Road, Toronto, in its modern training room.


**Driver Orientation and Special Needs Training Course**

All drivers applying to drive at Co-op Cabs are required to attend a mandatory one-day (6-hour) in-class Driver Orientation and Special Needs Training Course. Drivers must successfully complete an examination covering the various topics presented during the course.

This mandatory training course is for taxicab drivers that are new to Co-op Cabs. The course is designed to reinforce Co-op Cabs general rules and policies, and to introduce drivers to the policies and rules set out in the Wheel-Trans Contractor Orientation manual.

The course also includes information pertaining to Co-op Cabs Corporate/Loyalty and Special Events cards, operation of Point of Sale and Radio/GPS equipment, as well as a brief component on defensive driving and texting while driving.


**Driver Orientation and Special Needs Training Course**

Several new training modules have recently been added including:

***Professionalism & Image***
This module delves into the meaning of professionalism to the driver and their relationship to the many stakeholders of the industry. It goes beyond reminding drivers of the importance of customer service.

Drivers will examine how their actions and the actions of other drivers impact their image and the perception that the public, law enforcement, contractors, etc., have about drivers and the taxicab industry as a whole.


***Duty of Care***
In tort law, a duty of care is a legal obligation imposed on an individual requiring that they adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others. Duty of Care may be considered a formalization of the social contract, the implicit responsibilities held by individuals towards others within society.

This module explains Duty of Care and how it applies to taxicabs drivers and their care for their passengers. The concept of care requires the taxicab driver to do everything reasonable to prevent their passenger from injury or harm. Taxicab drivers need to be cognizant of this law and understand the legal ramifications in the event a passenger in their care becomes injured or harmed in any way.


***Decision Making P.L.U.S.***
This module will assist the driver in making better decisions as well as providing a more professional accounting of their actions where required.

This module explains the traditional decision making process of individuals and adds a critical step of reviewing the P.L.U.S. factor (Policy, Legal, Universal, Self Ethics) before acting. Drivers will be introduced to the concepts through examples and case scenarios.

*Weekly Course Schedule: Tuesday from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M*


**Driver Refresher Course (Sedans)**
In addition to the driver orientation, designated drivers providing Toronto Transit Commission Wheel-Trans service for persons with disabilities are required to attend and successfully complete an additional five-hour mandatory Driver Refresher Course annually. This course provides detailed instruction on Commission regulations and procedures. The appropriate behaviours and actions required of licensed taxicab drivers are outlined in order that the citizens of Toronto can continue to enjoy the high standard of transit services they have come to expect.

The topics of Professionalism/Image, Duty of Care and Decision Making P.L.U.S. are also included in this refresher course.

*Course Schedule:*


**Driver Refresher Course (Accessible Vans)**
This mandatory refresher training course is designed for existing Co-op Cabs drivers who are currently providing dedicated Wheel-Trans Accessible Van service.

The course content includes a review of the QStraint Wheelchair and Occupant Restraint System Training Program – a practical component allowing students to practice the proper method for securing wheelchairs, scooters and walkers in their accessible vans and a defensive driving component.

The topics of Professionalism/Image, Duty of Care and Decision Making P.L.U.S. are also included in this refresher course.

*Course Schedule:


**Defensive Driving Course**
The Canada Safety Council Defensive Drivers Course (6 hours) has been designed to help individuals become better and safer drivers. Co-op Cabs offers this course to individuals operating sedan and accessible vans servicing Wheel-Trans contracts.

Safe driving requires the adoption of an attitude toward operating a motor vehicle known as defensive driving.

In this course drivers will have the opportunity to learn what is involved in driving defensively, why and how various types of motor vehicle collisions occur, and what it takes to prevent them. Drivers will be provided with a standard of driving excellence that they can use to evaluate and improve their own driving.

*Course Schedule:
As needed – T.B.A.*