a good business relies on happy customers

Imagine that every business transaction is a pebble being tossed into a pond and you will understand that customer service has a ripple effect. Whether it is a ripple of positivity or a ripple of negativity is entirely up to you.

When a passenger in your cab has a bad customer service experience, they will talk to their family, their friends and their colleagues about that experience.

Those people will then talk to their families, friends and colleagues, warning them not to use Co-op Cabs because of this negative experience the passenger had. Suddenly, what may have appeared to be a single unhappy customer has grown to represent a huge loss of prospective clients for our business which represents a loss to you and everyone employed by Co-op Cabs.

Correspondingly, a good customer experience will send out a ripple of positivity that, in the same manner, represents an increase in prospective clients for our business that represents a gain to you and the entire Co-op Cabs family.

If we all work together toward making every customer experience a positive one, we will grow our business to the mutual benefit of all.