Driver Profile: Ahmed Tauqir

Ahmed Tauqir, driver number 884 drives cab #3479 was awarded as a Co-op Cabs Driver of the Month in November 2011.

On Sunday September 11th, 2011 Andrew Fleming took a cab home from a night out with friends, unbeknownst to him he dropped his wallet in the cab.

On Monday morning Ahmed Tauqir brought the wallet with all of the money and identification intact. Heather Schell used the ID to search the internet for Andrew and found him on Facebook and sent him a message. Yolanda Walters found a phone number in the wallet and called the person who number it was and left a message for Andrew. A couple of days later Andrew called us back, ecstatic that the driver had found his wallet. Andrew wanted to give Ahmed a $50.00 reward for being such an honest and helpful individual, of course Ahmed refused saying, I was only doing my job.

Thank you Ahmed for being such an exemplary driver.