Co-op Cabs is the Largest Wheel-Trans Approved Contractor in Toronto

Wheel-Trans is a para-transit service for people with physical disabilities within the city of Toronto, Ontario. Started by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) in 1975, this specialized service was initially contracted to private operators, but is operated by the TTC now. It is a door-to-door transport service that uses buses and contracted taxi minivans and sedans. Did you know that Co-op Cabs is the largest approved contractor of Wheel-Trans in Toronto? We operate over 45,000 trips for customers with special needs every month.

**Number of Vehicles:**

Currently, Wheel-Trans operates a fleet of about 240 wheel-chair accessible buses in Toronto, which makes it one of the the largest specialized transit systems for the disabled in North America after New York’s MTA Access-a-Ride. The total number of taxi minivans and sedans contracted from a private cab company like Co-op Cabs is not fixed as it is determined by demand. We offer a sizeable fleet of minivans that we make available for the para-transit service at a moment’s notice.

**Booking a Trip:**

There are two types of trips you can book with Toronto Wheel-Trans: occasional and regular. The first is for people who travel occasionally and the second is for those who go to work, school or other places on a daily basis. You can make a reservation for the service up to one week in advance by one of the following methods:

– Making a phone call to the reservation line at 416-393-4222.

– Using the automated Ride-line Touch-tone phone service at 416-397-8000.
– Visiting the online trip booking website.

If a seat is not available at the time you have requested, then you have to place your name in the waiting list until a seat is available. Fortunately, this rarely happens as the taxi services are always available.

**Eligibility Briteria:**

To be eligible to use Wheels-Trans service, you are required to attend a face-to-face interview with a representative of the service. You have to demonstrate irrefutable proof of your physical disability by your presence. However, you will not be required to produce a letter from your doctor or complete an application prior to the interview. Particular disabilities are not a factor in determining your eligibility.

**Boarding the Vehicles:**

All the vehicles are including contracted minivans are equipped with ramps that facilitate driver-assisted boarding and getting off. To board the vehicle, you need to schedule a pickup and wait at your door where you can be easily seen by the driver. In case you are late, there is a 5 minutes rule according to which the driver will wait for you five minutes past the scheduled time. If you are not there within that time, then the driver will post a No-Show slip and move on.

At Co-op Cabs, we have a large fleet of sedans, vans and minivans and other types of vehicles for every purpose, including accessible transit through Wheel-Trans. We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for over half a century and are proud to provide specialized services to our customers, including corporate taxi service for company executives and para-transit for the physically disabled.