Celebrate Caribana 2013 Nightlife With Co-op Cabs

Toronto is a city with a big pulsating heart and nothing is a better testimony of it than the annual Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival, the largest cultural festival in North America. Starting as a humble 3-day festival in 1967, this Caribbean-themed festival has grown into a 3-week celebration of life and love that puts the entire city in a festive mood. It takes place every July and turns the city into a venue for countless events and parties where everyone is welcome join in on the fun.

This year, the city is expecting the arrival of over a million tourists from all over the world to take part in the festivities. The 2013 festival is scheduled to kick off with its official launch at Nathan Philips Square between noon and 2 PM on July 9th. The event will feature live music, art displays, theatrical performances and delicious foods that showcase the best of the Caribbean lifestyle.

The opening day celebration is followed by hundreds of official and unofficial events that turn Toronto into a city of bright colours, music and dancing. As always, the most notable events of the festival will be Pan Alive, a highly entertaining steel pan competition, Junior Carnival Parade, and the King & Queen Competition, where the leaders of the masquerade bands will compete to win the title of king and queen of the parade for the year.

The signature event of the festival is the parade which will be held between 10 am and 6 pm on Saturday, August 3rd at the Exhibition Place & Lakeshore Boulevard. In this spectacular event, over 10,000 masqueraders will strut and dance their way down the 3.6 km stretch of Toronto in colorful Caribbean costumes to the vibrant beat of Caribbean music. Thousands of spectators will join in the fun as the lively and colorful parade progresses.

But the 2013 Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival is not all about organized competitions, parades and carnivals. There will be hundreds of other events, parties and functions organized by hotels, restaurants and other businesses throughout the city. One thing you should not miss is the Caribana nightlife. Every night during the festival, the city of Toronto roars into life with music, drinks, and dances until late into the night. The whole ambience becomes so electric that it will become one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

So where will the actions happen after sunset? Check out the exclusive club events where top DJs from the USA and Canada perform; eat, drink and dance in one of the hundreds of restaurants and bars in the city; take a ride on festival boat cruises and dance the night away, and join the pumping street parties and revel with strangers and friends.

You will need reliable, transportation to fully enjoy the festival and navigate the city during the carnival. So when you pay a visit to Toronto, let Co-op Cabs be your friend and guide. Our drivers know the city like the back of their hands and they will be ready to pick you up from any place and drop you at your destination at a moment’s notice.