Board Member Profile: Manuel Reis

**Board Member:** Manuel Reis, Director

**Co-op Board Member Since:** 2001

**History with Co-op:** I drove a cab for 45 years before I became a board member. I have also been a cab owner for more than 45 years.

**What is your favourite cab memory?**
I was driving a lady who was just about to give birth to the Toronto Western Hospital and I was coming down Bathurst Street. As I approached College and Bathurst she started saying she was going to have the baby right then and there. The light was red, I stopped and looked both ways and proceeded on through the red light. The police followed and gave me a ticket right in front of the emergency. About 5 minutes later I parked the car and went up into the hospital. She had already had the baby! I went to court and the charge was upheld but I did it for the lady so she didnt give birth in the cab.

**What is it about Co-op that you like?**
I enjoy the job a lot. I like the colours of Co-op Cabs, the fact that they give dividends and also how Co-op runs on a different system than all the other companies.

**What your favourite food?**
Im Portuguese, so I love our food very much but I also enjoy Turkish food. Im a jack of all trades when it comes to food.

**Favourite spot in Toronto?**
My favourite spot is north of Toronto in Vaughn Mills. When I was driving a cab it was freer in terms of traffic and congestion. Currently, I dont have one in the downtown core.

**If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?**
In Georgetown, we have a backyard where chipmunks come to visit me every morning. I love them. If I could be a chipmunk, I would jump around on the fence!