A Message From Our C.E.O. Regarding COVID-19

Co-op Cabs – Your Health & Safety Is Always A Priority For Us

In comparison to other countries who also struggle with curtailing the spread of COVID-19, Canada has done relatively well.  But this is not a time or reason to let down our guard.  In fact, as Canadians we must continue to be vigilant and do everything we can to protect those we care about and the public at large.

Over the past several months, Co-op Cabs has maintained practices intended to keep the riding public, drivers and staff healthy and safe.  These practices include:

  • Updating our screening questions asked by both our Call Takers and our App to those seeking to book a ride to ensure transportation for all remains safe.
  • Promoting to drivers and staff the continuous and regular use of good hygiene practices intended to minimize the spread of the virus
  • Mandatory requirement that drivers to wear masks to protect both the passengers and driver from contracting COVID-19
  • Directing drivers to disinfect all passenger common areas in the vehicles, such as seats, door handles and seatbelts after dropping off each and every customer.
  • Continuous messaging throughout the day to drivers reminding them of requirements related to safe practices.
  • Disallowing drivers and staff who report an illness from working and instructing them to seek medical attention and self-isolate for 14 days.

Now we’ve continued to enhance our safety measures even further by:

  • In adherence with local by-laws, reminding all passengers to wear masks while riding in our vehicles to promote their safety as well as the safety of the drivers
  • Installing shields into all Co-op Cabs vehicles. These shields create a partition barrier between the driver and passenger(s) to protect the health and safety of the individuals.
  • Designating the front passenger seat as being off limits to the riding public. Passengers will be limited to sitting in the rear seat of the vehicle.

It is Co-op Cabs goal to be the safest form of public transportation available in Toronto. We are confident that we have gone further than all others when it comes to protecting the riding public. We are also confident in our ability to provide safe, efficient and courteous service.  We want to do everything within reason to gain your confidence as well.

Contact us to book a ride by either calling either 416-504-2667 or 416-240-0000 or download and use our Taxi.Club App.


Abdulkadir Mohamoud

C.E.O. & General Manager