7 Reasons You Should Choose a Toronto Cab Company Like Co-op Cabs

Co-op Cabs is an iconic Toronto cab company with a reputation for excellence that weve nurtured throughout our 55 years of operational history. Our drivers are always committed to reliable, safe, and professional service. Here are 7 reasons why you should choose a Toronto cab company such as Co-op Cabs whenever you require taxi services for your personal or business needs in Toronto:


It is not only the experience of Co-op Cabs drivers, but also their expertise that makes so many people become loyal customers of our Toronto cab company. With professional experience, routine training and education courses, Co-op Cabs trains our drivers to be the best drivers they can be on the streets of Toronto.

**Driver-owned Cabs**

A Toronto cab company like Co-op Cabs is unique in ownership and operation. Drivers are not only the owners of the vehicles they drive, but also shareholders of the company, sharing in profits of the company. As a result, they are highly motivated to provide exceptional service every time, foster an excellent reputation, and grow their business by attracting even more loyal clients.

**Local knowledge**

You can expect only the best services from a Toronto cab company such as Co-op Cabs. Because of their business model, they only employ drivers for the long-term, which allows them to become greatly familiar with Toronto. In fact, there are drivers that have been with them for over 30 years. They know Toronto, that for sure.


It is impossible to function for as long as Co-op Cabs has without investing in safety. In addition to cleanness, quiet, and comfort, our cabs are also meticulously inspected every six months. The inspections are performed by licensed mechanics within city-owned inspection facilities. Plus, random safety checks performed by city licensing inspectors ensure that all cabs are road worthy and perfectly safe for our passengers.


A Toronto cab company that has been in the industry for as long as Co-op Cabs has understands the importance of meeting clients requests in a timely and cost-effective manner. We use a cutting edge computerized call center in place that uses GPS technology to send the closest vehicle to our clients. Also, each cab driver receives complete information on their mobile data terminals, which ensures complete customer satisfaction and accuracy.


Co-op Cabs is one of Toronto cab companies that handle thousands of trips every month for people with special needs. Our drivers receive appropriate training to ensure safe and accessible transportation for people of all abilities. In fact, Co-op Cabs is the largest approved Toronto cab company for wheel-trans.


As a multifaceted Toronto cab company, Co-op Cabs strives to meet every requirement that clients may have. We are available to provide taxi services at special events or parties, making sure that your guests get home safely. Additionally, group travel is also possible with our shuttle and van services.

Choosing Co-op Cabs is the obvious choice when it comes to Toronto cab companies! Whether you need a safe ride home after a night out, transportation to a friend house, or a lift to the grocery store and back, were always ready to help out. Call us at 416-504-2667 now or hire a taxi online.