5 Stops You Must Make on Your Toronto City Tour

When it comes to people taking tours of the city of Toronto, we have definitely seen it all. With so many different cultures and personalities and age groups, the destinations vary quite a lot. Of course, there are always some must-see stops that would appeal to just about everyone, so here are five that will help make your Toronto city tour complete:

**1. CN Tower**
The CN Tower is what makes the Toronto skyline so distinct, and it offers some of the most spectacular views imaginable. Inside the tower, you can find world-class dining, a glass floor over 1100 feet high, and the EdgeWalk, a daring activity in which guests can actually walk outside the CN Tower, 116 stories above Toronto! This is a must for daredevil types. For those who would prefer to stay firmly planted on the ground, check out the tower at night, when the entire structure lights up in a variety of different colours. The CN Tower is definite must-see on any Toronto city tour.

**2. The ROM**
The ROM refers to the Royal Ontario Museum, and it is the largest museum of its kind in Canada. There are galleries filled with dinosaurs, First Nation exhibits, Ancient Egypt, natural history, world cultures, and much more. The ROM is far from being just an educational stop, as most first-time visitors are left shaking their heads in awe at the beautiful collections of art, historic artifacts and scientific discoveries. A perfect stop on your Toronto city Tour for adults and kids of all ages.

**3. Eaton Centre**
The largest downtown shopping centre in North America is located in Toronto, and any visitor who likes to shop should make the time to stop at the Eaton Centre to look around. The Eaton Centre has hundreds of shops, from high end boutiques to chain stores sprawled over four levels. Check out the recently renovated food court for a quick bite to eat!

**4. Casa Loma**
Casa Loma is the name of a dream home that was built by Sir Henry Pellatt over a three year period beginning in 1911. Any Toronto city tour wouldnt really be complete without taking a stroll through such an opulent and historic home. There are 98 rooms, 30 bathrooms, 25 fireplaces, a 1700 bottle wine cellar, 3 bowling alleys and even 2 secret passageways. It cost $3.5 million to complete at the time, and today is one of Toronto premier tourist attractions.

**5. King Edward Hotel**
The King Edward Hotel opened back in 1903, which was so long ago that it even had a separate entrance for women! The hotel has almost 300 rooms and it was built on the site of Toronto first jail and hanging yard. Some of the famous guests of the hotel include the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Rudolph Valentino and Margaret Thatcher.

Obviously, there a many, many other attractions around the city of Toronto, so feel free to ask your Co-op cab driver about exciting attractions and well be happy to take you where you want to go or recommend some of the lesser-known amazing sights to see in our beautiful city.