10 Reasons a Cab is a Great Choice for Your Toronto Transportation Needs

When you are in Toronto, you will have many options for transportation. You can take the bus, ride the streetcars and commute through the subways. You can even rent a car or hire a bicycle if you like. However, a cab is still the best option for your Toronto transportation needs if you are visiting the city. The high quality of service youll receive with a Co-op Cabs taxi is unmatched by any other mode of transportation. So here are 10 reasons that make a cab a great choice for travel when you are in Toronto.

1. **Fast:** Without a doubt, a cab is the fastest mode of transportation in the city as it can zip through any road and take shortcuts when necessary. It can pick you up within seconds or minutes and drop you at the doorstep so that you won’t have to waste time waiting and/or walking.

2. **Safe:** A cab is the safest way to travel, especially if you are unfamiliar with Toronto city driving. Our drivers are highly trained and experienced, and know their way around the city well. Take the stress out of driving in traffic by hiring a Toronto cab company.

3. **Comfortable:** A cab has comfortable seats where you can stretch your legs and relax. The closed windows seal you from outdoor noise and the air conditioning adds to your comfort. You can’t get the same level of comfort in buses and trains.

4. **Privacy:** If you like your privacy when commuting from one place to another, then buses and trains simply won’t do because they are filled with people. In a cab you have the privacy to do want you want make private phone calls, talk to your companion, read or just take a nap.

5. **Reliable:** A cab is highly reliable. You can count upon it to pick you up on time, take you to wherever you want to go and help you meet your deadline. You cannot expect the same service from a bus or a train, which may be behind schedule due to circumstances out of your control.

6. **Personalized service:** In a bus, train or streetcar, you are just a part of the crowd. A cab offers you personalized service that makes your travel easy and comfortable. You can choose your cab, pickup time, route and even make stops along the way.

7. **Family-friendly:** You can take your entire family in a cab or van cab and not bother about having to share a seat with strangers. You and your children can travel together safely as a unit, and arrive at the same time no one will get left behind!

8. **Standard fare system:** Toronto’s cabs operate under the standard fare system that is easy to understand. The meter starts at $4.25 and increases by 25 cents every 0.143 km)

9. **Available on your schedule:** In Toronto, you can get a cab at any time of the day or night. Just call a taxi company and a cab will be at your doorsteps within minutes. You don’t have to plan your entire trip around a bus or train schedule that might not be convenient to you.

10. **Honest drivers:** One of the best reasons to take a cab in Toronto is honest drivers. If you misplace or forget anything in a cab, we will try our best to return your items to you. If you forget anything on a bus, train or streetcar, you will not receive the same level of honesty and service.

Not all cab companies can be trusted to provide quality service, so you should choose only the best. Co-op Cabs has one of the largest fleet of taxis in Toronto manned by trained and experienced drivers. Our company can take care of all your Toronto transportation needs.